Thursday, March 26, 2009

new projects

where does the time go? well, a month has elapsed since my last post. *shame* i've been busy with various projects & family obligations. i've taken a few photos on current projects, & will post them here shortly. for now i just need to get into the swing of things.

i'm in the process of cutting all the fabric for a new quilt. belonging to the quilt guild has been loads of fun this year with so many workshops. i'm participating in the guild's mystery quilt. if you're not familiar with the concept, here's a quick run-down ~ every month members are given a clue, for example, the first month the clue was a list of fabrics, of which there were six, in various lengths. the second to sixth clues have been cutting & piecing instructions. last month, for the seventh clue, we were given a sneak peak into the main blocks for the quilt. looks like a pretty quilt. looking forward to seeing how my colour choices will fit into these blocks. of course, this is my first big quilt. quite a project. & to top it off, i've decided to use flannel. other members have called me brave, but secretly i must say it's a matter of ignorance. our president has had to work the cutting out a little differently for me because of the flannel. :)

i'm trying to have all the fabric cut & some idea of the piecing for the workshop this saturday. so i've not been great at getting the blog updated. i'm really unsure as to how other bloggers are so prolific. esp getting photos done with each post. i must sign up with flickr. i suppose having a two year old slows things down.

i'm also near finished a wall hanging that i've done in another guild workshop from january. i've got a few photos of that as well. i must do some embellishing once i get done the binding. that was a fun little project. i'd like to do another one. i've decided to use mostly purples in my little one's room, so both the quilt & the wall hanging are predominately purple. it is a 'quilt as you go' pleated picture. it is very important to cut & number the strips of background fabric & sew them in order, to create an illusion of movement. i've used a batik that subtly changes colours of a more royal purple to a violet & back from one seam allowance to the other. the pleats have a complementary purple fabric on one side & black on the other. once completed the pleats will be ironed & sewn open across the picture creating movement. i'm hoping to embellish the piece with some couching & some shiny objects.

the third project i've started this past month, is another quilt, but a 'quilt as you go'. it was from a magazine. i'll have to look into the copyright before i explain it too much, but i'll include that info in the next post. i'm calling this one a double coverlet as it will just fit over a double bed like a throw. it's to cuddle-in, & for some extra warmth if needed. it too, is predominately in purples. it is called a peek-a-boo quilt. we had a workshop in february that explained the 'how to'. very simple. very cool. we were not given a quilt design, so i created one. as i was drawing it out on paper, i noticed (as with most quilt designs) how some elements pop, or could pop, if given the chance. it's amazing what colour & texture can achieve. so i, as with most things i do, have made a very simple design complicated. if it's not difficult, it's not fun. not really a motto i live by, but one that seems to guide me thru life. lol. i'll leave the difficult thing to a surprise. i hope it works out. more on this later.

i must get back to cutting...

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