Friday, March 27, 2009

1st quilt

returning from South Korea in 2004, i took a class on quilting for the beginner. this quilt is a sampler from this class.

it was pieced by hand, & i will finish quilting it by hand at some point. for now it remains a ufo. i was going to use it for a crib quilt. lol. at this rate, it may be for a grandchild. i don't think it'll take too long, i just need to dig it out & finish it. i really enjoyed trying out the different types of blocks, particularly the drunkard's path (bottom RH corner). i love working with the curves. & i'll have to do some more applique (bottom LH corner ). i've not yet bound a quilt before. once the quilting is finished, then i'll have to figure out this part.

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