Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a beginning must...

i'd like to get this blog rolling, so i thought i'd post a pic or 2 on some previous projects. i don't have any pics of some of the things i'm working on now. perhaps for my next post. below is my very first try at traditional Korean embroidery, known as jasu. i was very lucky to meet my teacher, Yoo HeeSoon, the second month i had arrived in Seoul, & began studying this beautiful art of embroidering silk on silk.

this next piece consumed the next year i was there, but it was 4 separate panels. these paintings are by a woman of the 16th century named, Shin Sa Im Dang. these pictures are not traditionally embroidered. my teacher sketched them, & i transfered the drawings onto the silk.

this link will take you to her Cockscomb print which is one of the pieces i've embroidered in the screen.

i have close up shots of each panel, but, dag nammit, they're not accessible on this computer. perhaps another time.

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