Wednesday, May 19, 2010


as usual, i sit here trying to grapple with the vastness of information before me, jumping from site to site, reading a little of this & that. i know i don't have too much time, so i seem to be choosing to collect stuff to read for later. i have sooo much bookmarked & usually about 40 tabs open. i do check over most of this, but sometimes the battery dies & i lose it all. ugh! & proceed to forget about it, perhaps permanently.

when writing a blog post, i have not been able to sit & write what i think. i look stuff up, i read about it from 10 diff wesites, then can i fairly confidently write smthg. i really should have taken a philosophy course in uni. (thinkin' it would teach me to express my own opinions?)

The Shape of a Mother is a site i've come across the past few days & would like to share. it's an important concept for the well-being of society. i've read through the site, alas, i can not access any photos as they are blocked here in the UAE. not surprising since they are of nudes, & are therefore, not respectfully veiled. the site promotes healthy attitudes about our bodies as they are after childbirth. a place to celebrate "the beauty that created and nourished our children." our scars, our skin, our shape is the way it is, the necessary changes from maidenhood to motherhood, & it is not unsightly. we will change again. age, with its wrinkles & grey hairs, is bestowed upon us, enriching our shells with honour from living life, gaining knowledge, loving & surviving. why are we choosing to place the youth stage of our lives on pedestals? how can we celebrate & praise the individual if our ideas/values of beauty are exactly the same? how do we change society to be more accepting? simply, begin with accepting yourself. understand that which makes us uncomfortable about our own bodies, & then ask why? the difficulty lies with thinking & being different, being an individual? when you go for a walk through the forest with comfortable shoes & a scarf around your neck, are you wondering if every hair is in place? does it matter there's a smudge? why then, does this change? life is no different in one place over the other. perspective.

good enough.

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