Thursday, December 31, 2009

sourdough starter

okay, a little gap in time there. & just published a draft i wrote a bit ago. don't know why i hung on to it. it's a bit short, i suppose i had intended to elaborate. as i didn't find the time, here it sat. so moved to dubai with the fam. lots on which to comment, alas the time to think long enough to form comprehensive senteces with structure & punctuation is severely limited. at present, here's what's cookin'...

am growing a cheater sourdough starter. it all began on december 29th with some whole wheat flour, water & some active dry yeast left on the counter in our warm kitchen overnight. the following day a half cup was removed & discarded, then it was fed 1/2 cup flour & 1/2 cup water. i'm just about to go in & feed it again. according to Sourdough Baking, by S. John Ross, it should almost be done what it is supposed to be doing.

"Within three or four days (it can take longer, a week or more, and it can happen more quickly) you should start getting lots of bubbles throughought, and a pleasant sour or beery smell. The starter may start to puff up, too. This is good. Here's the gist: When your starter develops a bubbly froth, it is done. You have succeeded."

so what do you think? i just fed it again. i hope it looks more frothy tomorrow. it does have a bit of a beery smell, more lager than stout. again, perhaps by the morrow it will have aged enough to refridgerate & feed once a week. i've had sourdough in the fridge before, but this is the first time creating it. we'll see how it turns out. i have so many delish recipes that includes sourdough. *glee*

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dN said...

ah well, i ended up scrapping this concoction as it made some pretty sour sourdough bread. since i'm going home for the summer for almost 3 months, perhaps i'll wait again 'til fall to start a new one.