Friday, October 16, 2009

dubai living

life here in dubai is extraordinarily different than rural nova scotia. so many things i've seen in the past few months, & yet so many more things to see. trying to find some time to think & jot down some ideas seems almost impossible. having found a few moments, must think of something to say.

the journey itself wasn't as bad as anticipated as the lil one slept thru most of the travel time. the next few days are pretty much a blur. so tired. the jet lag was intense for days & days.

we've been busy organising our lives around work, a three year old, shopping for stuff & trying to get some sleep. finally, with beds & clothes hangers in the proper spaces, a table & sofa, some pots & coffee cups, the only shopping we were doing was at the grocery store & bookstores. been catching up on some needed reading. i think i've counted 15 books in the past couple of months. granted 3 or 4 of these were cookbooks, i'm in the middle of a few others, as well. & a few others are graphic novels. the majority are fiction. i feel a little more literate than i've felt in a long while. i miss devouring books a few at a time. i've had to put aside housework for this. neither has much else has been accomplished. ah well.

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