Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deb Plestid's Workshop

i'm having mixed emotions on this weekend's quilt workshop with Deb Plestid because i'm new to quilting & this is a full-on two day workshop. i'm excited to try something new, but i remain a bit apprehensive.

the workshop is a landscape portrait of my choosing demonstrating the use of water soluble machine embroidery stabilizer, & free motion machine quilting. to use the water soluble stabilizer, there is a decision to be made as to where i will cut a hole in my quilt! i have still to pick a design, & collect the long list of necessary supplies. luckily i have a great friend that knows i'm leaving the area soon, so is letting me borrow much from her. even so, i don't have some of the things on the list. i will have to wing it.

this is an example of a hole in a quilt.

Deb Plestid is from here in nova scotia, & is renown for fibre art (quilted wall tapestries) focused on nature & landscapes. on her 'about page' is written, "I am drawn to the interactions of nature, light, shadow, and colour, which I attempt to transpose into my work using fabrics and motifs that I create and fabric that I collect from around the world."

one of my favs...

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