Sunday, April 5, 2009

some other projects from S. Korea

this bag is technically the first thing i've ever quilted, though i didn't know that was what we were going to do that day. my teacher had set up a workshop that i had agreed to, & this is what the day produced. the language barrier has always been a small thing between teacher & i. not that we've spoke of the heavens or politics, but we seem to understand each other in a visual, colourful way.

this hat was created on another workshop day. on both the bag & the hat, the decorations & knot are also hand made. i have another hat pattern cut & ready to be sewn. another ufo, it's been waiting for me since this day.

i'd like to take a brief moment, & tell you how wonderful my teacher is. she has devoted her life to her art, & loves to teach anyone willing to learn anything they ask, including an awesome pumpkin porridge, i'll share with you the next time i make it.

i'd like to thank you teacher for being so kind & patient with your boundless energy, & for sharing your art, your life.

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