Monday, May 23, 2011

birthday preparations,

as you may discern from the dated posts, i am not as dedicated a writer as i'd like to be. life gets in the way. in january, i made the mistake of adding a photo stream & thought i'd remove extra shots or those that were not my own. as i wasn't paying close enough attention to the pop-up warning me that i was actually deleting them from my account, poof, they were gone. needless to say, i've been feeling a somewhat dishearted, & my motivation for blogging (or remeding the situation) has been deflated.

life at the mo is busy. we're preparing to leave Dubai & return to Canada. my little ones 5th birthday is very soon (friday), which of course means lots of little things to do before i can really pack. i'm planning a bit of a themed party this year with rainbows, hearts & unicorns as quasi-requested. it is so hot here now (33° at 9a.m), an outside party is out of the question. the girls are going for a swim in the a.m. before the heat really hits for the day, & then 7 little girls, & their parents, will need too be fed & entertained in my not really big apartment. i've been preparing, but there's always more i seem to add to the list. food's ordered, most of the decorations are made, party bags are almost done... still must bake a cake, some cookies, perhaps some muffins, & clean the house a bit.

today's the day before the real work begins, so i'm trying to chill a little & go over planning details. i'm also going to get started on packing i think... must make some more coffee!

good enough.

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