Sunday, January 2, 2011


Dubai, 2011

a new year, a new decade - a new beginning. i went on a bit of an unintentional hiatus this past month. life got busy. & the blank wall reappeared. with veganMoFo over, motivation deflated. i must set a writing goal. well, the little one goes back to school, but not until the 9th, so i'm unsure how much i'll get to think & read between now & then.

a little journal entry...

put down Emma (bio) for Bone (comic). reading Emma is wonderful, though there are so many people to meet, & a 'friendship' will dissolve with the end of the book. i feel like this with many books, but bios are different, so i keep interrupting her for other books to extend the relationship. i must finish, or i'll never succeed with the 12 books, 12 months challenge. i'm so behind.

the house is in disarray & i'm having one of those i cannot make myself do anything days. ah well.

still tryin' new recipes though nothing worth reporting really. i'm thinking of two baked beans recipes that were good, not bombshell. though i came across a few nice things from a couple of new cookbooks from my last post. i had a party for solstice & experimented with a few new dips. we did try our hand this year at my very first gingerbread house. in fact, we're still eating it. it is a tasty recipe. i veganised the one from Simply Recipes.

life is going to evolve around the journey home in six months. i must begin to purge. i still seems like a long way off. our goal was to buy land, or a house with land, but to set all that up will take a bit of time, & not really doable from overseas. that translates to renting again, at least, for another year. i'm trying to accept this concept. it is not what i want to do. when do we really ever get what we want? i suppose, reluctantly, that this will give time to find the 'perfect' spot. oh, i've been waiting for this for sooo long. & the idea of moving at least three more times is sooo unappealing.

well i'm using this post as motivation as a way to get back on track. hope this new year brings awareness & change.

good enough.

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