Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Porridge

since i've been on a kick about my travels in South Korea, i thought i'd share a recipe my teacher taught me. it's easy & delicious. & since it's pumpkin season (in some parts), it's mostly local. it does have a couple of specialised ingredients, that can be found at an asian grocery store or health food store, though i've not tried to look for these things at a typical grocery store.

i love recipes that can be done in stages. here the beans can be cooked one day, the pumpkin gutted & peeled on another, then thrown together the following day in a little time. wonderful.

'hobak' is a general term used to describe pumpkin, squash or zucchini. i tend to use a butternut squash or a pumpkin as in the halloween variety. i had to borrow this photo, but will add my own next time i make some. the photo is linked to a blog that describes with pics how to make this, though my recipe differs slightly.

Pumpkin Porridge, 'Hobakjuk'

small pumpkin, halved, scraped clean, peeled, cut into chunks (can be frozen)
1 cup azuki beans, small red beans, cooked separately
1/2 cup glutinous rice
3 to 5 Tbsp dark brown sugar, to taste
1 tsp sea salt

place the beans in a saucepan covered in a couple of inches of water. bring to a boil & simmer until soft, strain & discard water. place the pumpkin in a large soup pot, covering it in a couple of inches of water. bring the pumpkin to a boil & simmer gently for 15mins. turn down the heat to low & break up the pumpkin chunks into small pieces. add the cooked beans & the rice, simmer for another 20mins on a medium heat. add sugar (in small amounts whilst taste testing) & salt, continue to simmer for another 20mins on medium heat. stir occasionally to prevent sticking.

this is great served either warm or cold, alone in a bowl with some toast, or as a side dish to lunch or supper.


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