Friday, November 5, 2010

Dubai Weekend, & Thank you! vegan MOFO

just wanted to add a quick note today concerning my writing schedule for veganMOFO as it'll be slightly different than in North America because the weekend here is friday/saturday, needless to say weekdays are sunday thru thursday. with everything happening on a weekend, i won't have time on fridays, but will post on sundays.

also wanted to add a thanks to those working so hard putting this awesome idea together. it's fun to come together like this, discover new things, & get to share thoughts & ideas. i love taking part. during dark times, it is a bit trying to 'stick to my guns'. this helps me realise that it's not just me standing alone on some achromatic linear void, while the world revolves beside me in technocolor. i'm getting traffic to my site & comments too! it feels great to be communicating with people. i have just discovered vegan month of food. i was completely unaware of it, & by chance came across it on november 1st, whew. i'm not as prepared for this round as i'll be for the next. [i thought this was only the 2nd round as there's only a bloglist for 2009, when were the others?] i have few photos of food that i've not already posted. & i've not been cooking up a storm this week. guess i'll have to add that to this week's list. :)

that's it for now, onto the weekend of reading the 713 blogs now added to my googleReader! i just bought Fable III, so i will probably get behind in the reading plan. & i have a craft date tomorrow, yeah! i will be revisiting quilt blocks i started last january. i had decided to try at least 1 block from each of the 15 examples from Stars by Chris Franses, & perhaps put them into a quilt at some point. *no pressure* i got so far as making the first two templates, buying|washing|ironing the material, cutting a few pieces & that's about it. think i need to add some pressure.

good enough!

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