Thursday, May 21, 2009

my new UFO from Deb Plestid's workshop

this post i started a bit ago... everyday life has interrupted the blogging process.

well, what a great weekend. i had 2 full days of creativity. it was mentally exhausting by the end of it. Deb Plestid is a wonderful lady. how fun was it to play with fabric, & toss around ideas with someone around for guidance.

i should have taken some photos of the workshop itself, but was so engrossed in my project, & watching the projects of the other 14 participants enfold. it is very interesting to see the creativity of others. the same idea having so many facets.

i got to the workshop with only a raw idea in my mind. it took the whole 2 days to sketch it, work out the spatial organisation, make templates, choose & cut the fabric, fussy-cut a bunch of flowers, iron on steam seam (or wonder under) beneath each piece of fabric & prepare for sewing. i also learned much by watching the others work on their pieces.

by the 2nd day, it was a bit stressful watching the experienced quilters create a top, make the quilt sandwich, cut their holes & start stitching over the water soluble 'fabric'. while i sat & decided fabric for the top.

my piece, as of yet unnamed, was inspired by a few different works i have in my collection. it took me a while to be inspired, & as my little one is my muse & motivator, she aided me in this. i love collage using fabric, notions, pastels et al, so thinking about a new fun pastime decided to 'paint' a picture of a little girl blowing bubbles in the garden. the bubbles will be the holes in the quilt once i get to that stage.

i'm planning on quilting the girl separately, & then the fun part of embellishing with findings, fabric flowers & embroidery. now i need to find the time.

a few
my garden

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