Sunday, March 29, 2009

copper smithing

i began learning copper smithing with Marie of the Copper Meadow last october. at first, i designed a piece that was too difficult, but it remains in the book for a later date. then rethinking it, i came up with this.

this is a maquette of my piece. once the copper pieces were annealed, then they were either put through a press with various textural objects, or pounded with a ball peen hammer. each circle is cut with a jewellery saw, & then filed. each will have a jump ring soldered to it, & coloured in blues, reds, black & shiny copper. finally, about 30 will be chosen & placed on a trio of silver wire. i refer to it as the Coin Choker for now. i have another design that will incorporate similar elements that will be a Coin Necklace.

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Krista said...

omgosh, i love love it!
Good lawd dN...your craftiness (art) is faboosh!